Friday, March 11, 2011

Color me Clean!


Why not turn bath time into a great color science experiment? It's super easy and teaching color mixing concepts are import in early childhood...not to mention it is always great to have a trick up your sleeve to make those filthy little pumpkins want to hop in the tub and stay there :)

Food Coloring (the box has great ideas for less common colors like fushia, indigo etc)

1.) Pick a color...we picked purple
2.) On one side of the tub drip 5-10 drops of red (remind them to stay still)
3.) On the other side of the tub drip 5-10 drops of blue
4.) If they have the patience have them wait to watch the colors mix...if not have at it and mix them up! We like to write on our mirror with dry erase markers (RED + BLUE = PURPLE)


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