Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eco-Chic for Earth Day

Earth Day is approaching quickly and I decided to make a cute reusable bag to celebrate. The kids love it for playing pretend "Trader Joes" and I love it because it's not ugly.

Fabric (I chose two contrasting)
-12"x28" of one color
-6"x14" of another (I didn't have this much so I used leftovers)
Sewing Machine, Thread, Scissors
About 20-45min to complete

1.) Fold over the 12" side of the main fabric twice (each fold should be about 1/2") Press or pin in place...Unless you are like me and way to impatient. Then stitch along the seam to hold in place.

2.) Repeat with the other 12" side
3.) Fold your main fabric with WRONG sides facing each other to make a 12"x12" square.(mine came out more of a rectangle)
4.) Use a basic straight stitch (1/4" seam allowance) to sew the three unfinished edges of your square. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SEW THE TOP...that's the area you just finished cuffing.
5.)Flip the material inside-out and Repeat Step 4...Congrats you've just made a French Seam!
 6.)Set bag aside and start on the handles
7.)Cut your fabric lengthwise so you end up with two 3"x 14" strips of fabric
8.)Fold the fabric WRONG sides together and stitch the length of the fabric on the open side.DO NOT STITCH THE ENDS

9.)Turn the fabric right side out...This is the most time consuming part of the whole project :( I had to use a butter knife to push the extra fabric through.

10.)Repeat Steps 8 and 9 with the second piece of handle fabric
11.)OK the handles are done but now you need to center the seam like this so that they are easier to sew on and they look pretty this way.

12.)Lay the handle smooth side up and stitch where the handle meets the bag (mine was about three inches from the edge of the bag)

13.)Repeat this on the other end of the fabric. Hint: make sure the fabric handle is spaced evenly from both edges of the bag AND that it is sewed to the same side of the bag. 
14.) Now stitch the bottom of the fabric handle 1/2" lower to add more support. 
15.)Repeat with the other handle


  1. Very cute - I love you, my little earth-muffin :)

  2. Beautiful!!!
    By the way, I went to Trader Joes yesterday and had the Polka dot bag you gave me and received 3 compliments on it :)