Sunday, April 17, 2011

Functional Photobooks

Our Wedding 2002
Most of the talented mom's that I know are marvelous at scrap booking, but I hate to admit that I have neither the desire nor the time to complete a project of that magnitude for my children. I know that sounds horrible, but maybe when they are older. I can't even fathom doing one book, let alone three (because you know that I would get a ton grief if I were to only do one). I on the other hand settle for online photo book creations because I can take as long as I'd like to and there's no mess to clean up. Here's a great site I found that isn't as extensive as shutterfly, but is much more economical. Right now they are have a sale. YES A SALE! Up to 100 pages for the price of 20 and the books start at $16.95. The site is Our family has made a few different photo books through this site and we haven't been disappointed. Hope you can relish the discount and go splurge on a little something for yourself.

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