Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day at the Spa

It's been so long since I posted and I feel like I need a little pampering after such a crazy month. Yet out of madness came such a great idea. I would love a spa getaway and maybe my kids would too. Truth be told I have never seen them so excited! After a long afternoon of running errands and helping me clean house I decided that we needed a little TLC. We enjoyed it so much they are already asking if they can do all the chores tomorrow morning and earn another :) Here are a few of the things we included in our spa day  and some ideas I want to try next time. Hopefully, this will get your creative juices flowing and help you and your kids Zen!

My Crazy guy went bonkers over his crazy hair!!
~Fancy Hair (let them style yours too for a great laugh)
~Make-up (innocent as chapstick or as divalicious as you like)
~Face Mask (I used cetaphil because there's no need to rinse)
~Beauty sleep mask (with classical music)
~Warm face wrap (warm wash cloth)

Gavin relaxing with his "foot bath"

~Body Scrub (easy recipe: 1/2 c Brown sugar, 1/4 almond oil/olive oil, drops of vanilla)
~Massage (we formed a massage circle for shoulders then yelled "switch!" then we quickly turned 180 degrees to rub the other person shoulder. They thought it was hilarious)
~Yoga or Peewee palates (my guys lasted 3 moves)
Miss Addy's 1st Pedicure

 ~Warm foot bath
~Paint toes

Remember: No spa day is complete without delicious snacks and drinks. We ate fruit kabobs drizzled with honey, mini sandwiches, and drank tea and "spa water" (just water with ice and lemons/oranges/mint or cucumber floating in it).  

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