Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's a pirate's life for me....

Arghhh Mateys I'm turning 3!!!
I often fret that I haven't made my little guys birthday parties as special and memorable as I would have liked. Not this time! Gage chose to have a pirate party this year for his third birthday and I'm having the best time planning everything! So check out some of my favorite pirate resources if you are interested in throwing a pirate party or just having a swashbuckling great time with your kids.

Face Painting 
Ideas: courtesy of
Example: Boy Pirate from website
Example: Girl Pirate from website

Decorate Treasure Box:
Here are some examples of inexpensive treasure boxes
I bought my treasure boxes at Joann's Craft Store and used my coupons (you can double up with the iPhone app coupon and mailer :) I also purchased stickers, paint and gems!

Balloon Pirate Sword:
Pirate Sword made with two balloons

Single Balloon Pirate Sword
I haven't had time to test this out yet, but I found a ton of online tutorials on how to create simple balloon pirate swords using a single balloon animal balloon. I'm super excited and will let you know how it goes!

Buy a couple yards of pirate fabric
Cut in half length-wise
Square off and cut
Fold into triangle and cut again...Viola!!! Pirate Bandana (no need to sew unless you are going to wash)
Tie the bandana on and have a great time!  (see Gage's pix of my bandana!)

Treasure Chest for Favors:
After a long search for a pirate chest that would hold larger size favors for 20+ kids I gave up. Fortunately, one of the mom's at Gavin's preschool was uber crafty and made this pirate chest from a Rubbermaid container. It works great and I'm so grateful she let me borrow it for the party!

Top View

What's Your Pirate Name?
Gage has my favorite pirate name: Swashbuckler Morgan the Dark Heart
Gavin's is:Second Mate Sylvester the Gold
 Addy's is:Admiral Mary Cricket the Dark
Jeff's is:Bartholomew Rough Eye
Mine is:First Mate Esmerelda

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