Friday, February 18, 2011

My amusing Muses

Let's face it...I love to bake but my blog was making me fat and took too much time away from my kiddos. So I started to re-evaluate my day. Somewhere between meals, preschool, working out, cleaning, chasing, cleaning, and bedtime battles I had completely lost touch with my childish side. I am blessed enough to have three gorgeous children who were my muses for my Mommy Muse blog. They are always amusing me and have called me out on my lack of ability to play lately. Now I getting back to my roots and sharing little things that make my life a little more special. So if you have been less than playful lately, let me help you serve a big dose of silliness. Hopefully, I can be your muse and inspire you to bring forth your inner child (or child wrangler). After all, a happy child is a happy mommy!


  1. Love this, and this is what they remember and what you want to remember, the simplist of joys!

  2. Thanks Michelle! It's so true...I hope this will be what they remember of me! Thanks for following :) Not that you need to. You are one of the craftiest people I know.