Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sparkle Their Creativity

Spark their imagination and creativity with this recipe for
 homemade sparkle puffed paint. The best part about this recipe is easy clean-up. OH and let's not forget the time it frees up for you to enjoy a cup of tea in peace!

Gage's Rainbow Fish
Gavin's Puddle

1/3 c. Flour
1/3 c. Salt
1/3 c. Water
Food Coloring

Place everything BUT WATER into a small ziplock bag. Seal the bag and shake until mixed. Add water and reseal the bag. Kneed the bag until paste inside resembles yogurt (add water if needed). Repeat this step for all colors until you have several colored bags of paint. Lastly, snip a small corner off each bag. Option #1: use the bag as is like a pastry bag to sqeeze the paint onto stiff paper (I like to use cut up grocery bags or cereal boxes) and allow to dry. Option #2: Squeeze the bag into empty glue bottles and recap.Use these make-shift bottles to paint. Allow picture to dry.

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