Friday, February 18, 2011


I love tape! It has so many useful purposes, but none of them compare to the endless hours of enjoyment it provides my boys on rainy days. Grab the cheapest roll of duct tape or masking tape you can find and let the games begin! Here are two of the ways we use it...I'm sure you can come up with more :)

Tightrope/Balance Beam:
Stick a 4' piece of tape (or larger) to the floor in a straight line. Challenge them to walk it forward, backward, heel-toe, with their eyes closed or even try to jump/skip/run/crawl it. **For older children (or if they get bored) try adding different lengths of tape at different angles so that it zigzags around the room. 
They're racing around the "world" (they named it not me)

So proud of himself

Don't Cross the Line:
This is our version of tug-of-war. Instead of one piece of tape. Stick two pieces of 3' tape about 5' apart and tape a small "x" in between both lines. Tie a small stuffed animal to the middle of the rope. Start it on the "x" and then let them proceed to pull until it crosses the line.

Siamese Twins:
For some odd reason my guys are memorized with twins right now. While watching a National Geographic on India they saw twin boys joined at the torso. They had tons of questions about what they saw, a vast majority of their questions stayed with a theme "how do they?" I was beginning to get frustrated with repeating my answer so I asked them if they wanted to find out. They did :) So we dressed them in PJs and loosely wrapped a circle of tape around their ankles (three legged race style). They tried to walk, crawl, play soccer etc. They tired of this and wanted to have their torso tapped...Ok so I didn't think it was the greatest idea, but I figured that they might learn an important life lesson on either acceptance or team work so we gave it a whirl. Gavin grew tired of Gage's antics and decided if they were stuck together he would carry him because "he's in the way and messing me up!"

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